6-19-12/Surgery Moved

Yale wanted both top transplant surgeons to perform the ureter relocation surgery. That would be both the surgeon who operated on me originally, as well as the surgeon who operated on my mother.   They thought they could both be together this Thursday, but were unable to make it happen. Therefore, the surgery is now … Continue reading


I have tried to stay positive and when possible, laugh about the situation. This weekend, I hit a wall. I am deeply depressed.   Do I know it could be worse? Yes. Do I know others have it worse? Yes. Does that matter right now? Not really.   I can barely get out of bed … Continue reading

6-15-12/Surgery Next Week

When I want into transplant April 12th, I wore a shirt that said, “Honey Badger Don’t Care.” Well, now the Honey Badger does care! I am having surgery next Thursday, June 21.   The surgeon asked what I was doing next thursday, and I told him that suddenly, my schedule had cleared up.   The … Continue reading

6-13-12/Looks Like a Second Surgery :(

I had my nephrostomy tube pulled back today and ureter still looks pretty bad.   I am meeting with the surgeon on Friday to almost definitely schedule my second major surgery in roughly two months. I am less than happy.   I don’t know what to say now except I am angry, scared, and upset … Continue reading


The emotional and physical stress is taking its toll.   Emotionally, I have the likelihood of another surgery hanging over my head. That alone is overwhelming. On top of that, I still have the drain in me.   This wednesday they pull the nephrostomy tube and stent back a little and look at the ureter. … Continue reading

5-31-12/From Bad to Worse

It is never a good thing when you show up at transplant clinic and they tell you the head of surgery is coming to speak with you.   Long story short, the entire team reviewed my case and they are fairly certain that I will need surgery in a few weeks to attach one of … Continue reading

5-30-12/More Pain

I have been neglecting the blog of late. Not much new to report so I haven’t felt obligated. Also, I have been dealing with a lot of both kidney, and non-kidney, related items. However, I should probably be writing more regularly. Last week I was at Yale and they took some blood and did an … Continue reading

5-21-12/When Is a Damaged Ureter a Good Thing?

I was at Yale today and have potentially ¬†good news.   First, they took off my urine bag and I can pee like a human being again – via genitals instead of tube in kidney!   Secondly, there may be reason for optimism.   My surgeon came down to clinic to speak with me today. … Continue reading

5-19-12/Goods News, Bad news, and Bad news

Yesterday I had my¬†percutaneous nephrostomy tube placed, with a drain, as well a stent put in my ureter.   The procedure was not terrible – it was kind of like a kidney biopsy – which was really not fun – except they really drugged me nicely for this procedure. So, moments of pain were followed … Continue reading

5-17-12/Bump In the Road

Well, the good news is my Creatnine is still stable at 2.0 and the Prograf level is still relatively high, so there is room for improvement. The bad news is that the tube connecting my bladder to the new kidney is not doing well without the stent. It’s closing up and therefore urine is building … Continue reading