8-28-12/Lowest Creatinine Yet!

Went to Yale for bloodwork today. My creatinine is down to 1.6!   That’s the lowest it has been since transplant. I’ll take it!   Furthermore, my mother had her 4 month post donation check up and she’s doing great. I am so relieved. With all the trouble I have had, I would be devastated … Continue reading

8-1-12/Bad News

One of the nephrologists at Yale called today. It’s never good when the doctor calls instead of one of the nurses.   There is already damage to my new kidney. They know I have BK Virus, but it is unclear whether the damage is directly related to that alone, however.   The thought is that … Continue reading

5-21-12/When Is a Damaged Ureter a Good Thing?

I was at Yale today and have potentially ¬†good news.   First, they took off my urine bag and I can pee like a human being again – via genitals instead of tube in kidney!   Secondly, there may be reason for optimism.   My surgeon came down to clinic to speak with me today. … Continue reading


My mother came over yesterday and she got to see me for the first time since the day after the surgery (when she went home).   She cried. She said I looked amazing. She was a little shocked when I showed her my massive incision site. Apparently, she has a small (maybe 2 inch) incision … Continue reading