9-4-12/Vow Renewal – A Fresh Start

Sunday I renewed my wedding vows with my wife of 5 years, Maria.   It was a wonderful day and the emphasis was on how much we have been through and how bright the future is.   In many ways, it was really a fresh start for both of us. I have been feeling pretty … Continue reading

7-3-12/You (likely) Don’t Know How Hard This Is

I posted the below entry on my “Post-Transplant Feelings” page. However, thought it was an appropriate entry for today.    I am very unhappy with how I feel and how others are handling me at the moment. Someone told me today that I least that “didn’t take my sense of humor.” I responded with “not … Continue reading

6-23-12/I Can’t Do This Again

I am really struggling. I don’t know if I can muster the strength to go through this AGAIN!   I know I don’t have a choice – and everyone keeps reminding me that – as if it helps. However, in many ways, I feel worse than going into the last surgery. Physically better overall, but … Continue reading

6-21-12/Overwhelmed – Don’t underestimate the mental drain

Today was supposed to be the surgery. I am glad it got moved so both top surgeons could be on the case, but part of me just wants this over with.   I am so overwhelmed from this hanging over me and knowing that my life – in a best case scenario – cannot return … Continue reading

6-19-12/Surgery Moved

Yale wanted both top transplant surgeons to perform the ureter relocation surgery. That would be both the surgeon who operated on me originally, as well as the surgeon who operated on my mother.   They thought they could both be together this Thursday, but were unable to make it happen. Therefore, the surgery is now … Continue reading

6-15-12/Surgery Next Week

When I want into transplant April 12th, I wore a shirt that said, “Honey Badger Don’t Care.” Well, now the Honey Badger does care! I am having surgery next Thursday, June 21.   The surgeon asked what I was doing next thursday, and I told him that suddenly, my schedule had cleared up.   The … Continue reading


I am home. The dogs were great – they seem to understand I am not 100%, to say the least. I met with the social worker this morning and discussed how I feel. I guess I am ambivalent. I feel so glad that I am through this and had this opportunity. However, I am  still … Continue reading

4-16-12/Going Home Tomorrow – Likely

Well, the catheter is out and that wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great, and I wouldn’t sign up for a daily catheter, but I survived.   I then peed, so no more catheters for at least a few weeks when they need to take the stent out of my kidney. I’ll deal witht that another day. … Continue reading

4-11-12/Surgery Tomorrow – D-Day Approaching!

Tomorrow is the big day. I have made my peace with what has to happen and am looking forward to feeling better on the other side (of transplant that is!).   I spent most of today running around so I didn’t have to think too much about tomorrow. Many people called/emailed/or texted and it was … Continue reading

3-31 and 4-1

I rested most of the weekend and went to bed early – so I am writing my weekend posts now.   I spent Saturday with some close friends. Two of my closest friends have kids – 1 month apart from each other. Matt has Meghan, 15 months old, and Jeff has Zoe, 14 months old. … Continue reading