11-6-12/BK Virus Getting Better, but In Rejection Again

First, the good news. The BK Virus has dropped about 30% in my blood and is not in my kidney.   Also good news: We survived Sandy. No power or heat or running water for 5+ days, but we did better than many. A generator is en-route as I never want to do this again … Continue reading

10-16-12/Not Ready For Prime Time

Overall, I have good news. I am feeling pretty good and my creatinine is stable (last reading was 1.8 – last week). I haven’t heard anything new on BK Virus – not even sure if they tested last week, so I might have to wait until the next blood test.   However, and this is … Continue reading

10-1-12 – Creatinine Creeping Up/Back to Normalcy

Last week I had my creatine checked and it was 1.9.   No need to worry yet, but we are going to watch very carefully to make sure it doesn’t creep up more, and if it does, be ready to act.   I am pretty much back to work full-time and feel pretty good. When … Continue reading

9-18-12/No More IVIG For Me!

I had my second IVIG treatment this past Thursday. Yale gave me 1/2 the dose, benadryl, tylenol, and cortisone. I was supposed to get the second 1/2 of the dose the following day. Of course, Friday I woke up with a fever and chills – again! I thought, “here we go again!” Luckily the fever … Continue reading

9-7-12/Stable Creatinine!

I was at Yale yesterday and things went well. My creatinine is stable at 1.6-1.7 – it read 1.7 yesterday. That’s two tests in a row at the lowest I have been out of the hospital post-transplant. My white blood cell count is basically back to normal. They lowered the prednisone again, and I will … Continue reading

9-4-12/Vow Renewal – A Fresh Start

Sunday I renewed my wedding vows with my wife of 5 years, Maria.   It was a wonderful day and the emphasis was on how much we have been through and how bright the future is.   In many ways, it was really a fresh start for both of us. I have been feeling pretty … Continue reading

8-28-12/Lowest Creatinine Yet!

Went to Yale for bloodwork today. My creatinine is down to 1.6!   That’s the lowest it has been since transplant. I’ll take it!   Furthermore, my mother had her 4 month post donation check up and she’s doing great. I am so relieved. With all the trouble I have had, I would be devastated … Continue reading

8-19-12/In Hospital

I haven’t written in sometime. First, there was little to report. Now, sadly, there is much to report. I started my IVIG treatments on Thursday. Everything seemed to go fine with the treatment, but by 9PM that night I had chills and a severe headache. I ended up developing a 103 fever over the night … Continue reading

8-09-12/Good News on Rejection & BK Virus Treatment Options

I needed a good visit at Yale today. Things have seemed bleak and I have been very down. So much so I haven’t even bothered posting. I also have been having side effects from the steroids (high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, agitation, etc.). In fact, I haven’t slept in over 30 hours at this point … Continue reading

8-2-12/Better News

I started steroid treatments today – I am in rejection and I do have BK Virus in my kidney.   However, it is a best of the worst case scenario right now.   First, they believe my creatinine is high because of inflammation in the kidney – not necessarily, or even likely, permanent damage. Therefore, … Continue reading