Stories – A Place for People to Share their Experiences

4 Responses to “Stories – A Place for People to Share their Experiences”
  1. jenn trombley says:

    David, wanted you to know that I have followed through and read your blog! now you are not allowed to buy your tea from anyone but ME!! See you next time!

  2. Kathy Sulds says:

    It breaks my heart that you have had to endure soooo much. But, you’re a fighter. You’ve beaten the odds ever since I’ve known you as a newborn. Now is no different. Forget about what you can’t do and focus on all the positives. Then you’ll understand how much you really do give back to your friends, family, pets and everyone who is in your life. take baby steps every day.
    Also, find some sort of recreation that makes you smile and do that.That may just lift your spirits so that you can feel better and happier.

    kathy and all the Sulds

  3. Paige says:

    Please take the time to vote for my wonderful mom’s transplant video! You can vote once a day!

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