Open Letter to Transplant Team

Dear YNHH Transplant Team,                                                                                   4-19-12


THANK YOU! I received a new kidney a week ago from my mother, and on behalf of both of us – YOU WERE AMAZING!


Hospitals are not what I call “fun” places, and I was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort. However, you all made the stay as pleasant as possible and made me feel cared for, important, and respected.


It’s only a week out, but things are looking up – indications are that the kidney will work well and I am more mobile, etc.


I was blown away by the ease and professionalism by which every employee; nurse, doctor, PCA, etc. used in my care and in the care of others.


I cannot tell you enough how impressed, touched, and appreciative I am for all of your help during my stay at YNHH.


Thank you again and be well.





3 Responses to “Open Letter to Transplant Team”
  1. Mary Schiffer says:

    Dear David

    Mary and I are looking at your blog for the first time. We are totally inexperienced bloggers but we will get used to this method of communication. Keep fighting.

    We will revert after reading more closely.

    Richard and Mary

    • dakski says:

      Richard and Mary,

      Thanks for following along – I really appreciate it.

      I hope that my documenting the ups and downs will help others deal with the same/similar ups and downs.


  2. Paige says:

    Please take the time to vote for my wonderful mom’s transplant video! You can vote once a day!

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