8-19-12/In Hospital

I haven’t written in sometime. First, there was little to report. Now, sadly, there is much to report. I started my IVIG treatments on Thursday. Everything seemed to go fine with the treatment, but by 9PM that night I had chills and a severe headache. I ended up developing a 103 fever over the night … Continue reading

8-09-12/Good News on Rejection & BK Virus Treatment Options

I needed a good visit at Yale today. Things have seemed bleak and I have been very down. So much so I haven’t even bothered posting. I also have been having side effects from the steroids (high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, agitation, etc.). In fact, I haven’t slept in over 30 hours at this point … Continue reading

8-5-12/Hope for me and for others? Incision Pictures

I was at Yale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, for massive steroid (prednisone) treatments. I will spend the next three weeks tapering off from 60MG a day down to 20mg a day. My previous maintenance dose was 5mg daily. The last three days I got 500mg daily through IV.   The steroids caused a fast heart … Continue reading

8-2-12/Better News

I started steroid treatments today – I am in rejection and I do have BK Virus in my kidney.   However, it is a best of the worst case scenario right now.   First, they believe my creatinine is high because of inflammation in the kidney – not necessarily, or even likely, permanent damage. Therefore, … Continue reading

8-1-12/Bad News

One of the nephrologists at Yale called today. It’s never good when the doctor calls instead of one of the nurses.   There is already damage to my new kidney. They know I have BK Virus, but it is unclear whether the damage is directly related to that alone, however.   The thought is that … Continue reading

7-31-12/Kidney Biopsy

Alfred Hitchcock used to say, “the anticipation of the bang is worse than the bang itself.” He made a living off that premise, and I lost a lot of sleep last night over the anticipation of the biopsy today.   I have to admit, it was pretty benign. Given everything I have been through, I … Continue reading

7-30-12/Biopsy Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is the kidney biopsy. As most of you know, my creatinine has been creeping upwards over the past few months. Not a good thing. It could just be the BK Virus causing it, but they want to be sure we know what we’re dealing with.   I am really down. It seems that … Continue reading

7-26-12/Biopsy Moved Up

After re-examining the trend, and recognizing that my creatinine is now 2.3, Yale has decided to move my biopsy up to this Tuesday, 7-31-12.   They said I will have preliminary results that evening, but it will take some time for more thorough results.   I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned. … Continue reading

7-24-12/Ureter Good, Creatinine High, and Bravery

Things at Yale went good and so/so.   The ultrasound was good, so it appears that the Ureter Revision was a success. Thank G-D. However, my creatinine is still high – 2.3 now. They want to give me a “vacation from Yale” for two weeks, but unless the creatinine is substantially better, have a biopsy … Continue reading

7-20-12/Hope and Clarification & Life Expectancy

I had an ultrasound at Yale today and it looked pretty good. They want to repeat Tuesday, but if that looks unchanged, then we can celebrate. This seems to imply that the second surgery (the ureter revision) was a success, making the transplant a success as well.   My creatinine is 2.2 – the highest … Continue reading