My name is David, and I have focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS for short. It is a degenerative kidney disease I have been fighting since I was 23 – 9 years now. The doctor’s call the cause, “idiopathic,” meaning they have no idea what caused it in my case. Their best guess is a medication reaction.  I am due to be transplanted April 12th, 2012, and was bothered by the lack of information out there on the process of kidney transplantation.

The purpose of this blog is to document/chronicle my journey through kidney transplantation.

The idea is that people will be able to go into transplantation better aware of what to expect.

Further, I encourage, and hope, that others going through, or who have gone through, kidney, or any form of transplantation for that matter, share their stories and this becomes a resource for patients and medical institutions alike.


A little bit about me:


Kidney disease changed my life. When I was 23, I was floating through life. I was an anxious person who took all the wrong things too seriously, and not enough good things got through that anxiety. Then, my kidneys failed. I was in a hospital bed being told that I might be okay if I made it through the night (my potassium was so high they thought my heart might stop).


That got me thinking about what is important in life. Then, two years later, my father dropped dead at 58 on Thanksgiving. That cemented it. CARPE DIEM! I began to focus on what I can do, not what I cannot. I started focusing on my career more seriously, but in balance with my personal relationships. I began to cherish my loved ones and realized that the impact I have as human being is more important than the Porsche parked in my garage.


Yes, there is a Porsche parked in my garage. I freaked out a little about how short life can be and bought my sports car…and many other things as well.  However, I am now on the other side. Sports cars are great, but a balanced approach to life is more important. Yes, you might not be here tomorrow, but when it comes to money, you always have to plan for another day. I was at a friends car dealership once and someone asked if my car was for sale, the owner of the dealership, my friend, joked I would be buried in it. Funny, but not how I want to be remembered; as the guy who loved his Porsche. I would rather be remembered for the lives I have touched. Of course, those are not mutually exclusive, but what a waste to be buried in a 911 Turbo!

6 Responses to “About”
  1. Hi David,

    I am a good friend of your mom’s. I have been following your story since the beginning of the year. As a mom I can understand your connection. She is an amazing woman who I have great respect for. My sister-in-law had a heart transplant a few years ago. She went from being very healthy to a coma in about 3 months. She started an organization for transplant patients called “Ava’s Heart”. Check it out on Facebook.

    I wish you well. I hope your recovery continues. Best regards, Robin Babbin

    • dakski says:

      Thanks Robin.

      Will check out the org.

      Take care and be well.


      • avasheart says:

        Hi David, My name is Ava Babbin aufman Robin BIabbin who is a friend of your moms shared your story with me.I had a heart transplant three years ago. Since that time i have started a non profit to help those that have been given the gift of life have a better quality of life. Please see my site avasheart.org and share your story. I am trying to create a haven for all transplant parients pre and post. We have already helped a few people with meds and payed for a donor boy who was 15 funeral. We are doing a dance marathon in Santa monica Calif. and hope to raise at least 50 thousand dollars to help more people. I have written a book and all the proceeds go into the none profit. please feel free to call me if you need or want to talk. Thanks Ava

  2. Harvey Mysel says:

    David…a brief history. Had a kidney transplant in 2007, my wife was my donor, I started the Living Kidney Donors Network that year to help those who need a kidney transplant pursue living donation. In 2008 I contracted the BKV…and as you described, it was a challenge. I’m in need of another transplant….I have a donor and we are waiting for the crossmatch for a 3 paired exchange.

    I’d welcome discussing the BKV with you.


  3. Rachel says:

    Hi David,
    I just wanted to thank you for your blog and to let you know that I enjoyed reading many of your posts.
    I’m 18 days post kidney transplant. I suffer from polycystic kidney disease and had a double nephrectomy 3 years ago and been on haemodialysis for 4.5 years. It’s been a rollercoaster ride that’s for sure.

    After the surgery I’ve been in pain, anxious, happy, sad, you name it…

    Much of what you’ve gone through I could relate to, and it helped me to deal with my own journey and obstacles along the way. Your words were honest and reassuring. It certainly helps to know that others have experienced something similar and that I’m not alone. All the best for the future 🙂

    • dakski says:


      All the best to you as well!

      I am really glad the blog was helpful to you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

      Keep fighting the good fight and I will be thinking of you.

      Take care and be well.


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