It’s been a while – Lots to update – Rough Summer – New Life

Wow, it’s been a long time. There hadn’t been much to write, or that I was comfortable writing, at the time.


First of all, the so-so news.


It was a rough summer. My creatinine elevated and Prograf level dropped unexpectedly. They were concerned about rejection and raised my Prograf from 3mg 2X daily to 4mg 2X daily. I did not respond well. My Prograf level went from about 4.1 to 10! That’s immediately after transplant levels. Of course, I was sick, often in bed, with everything from head colds to stomach bugs, for about 10 weeks. I could barely function and we (my nephrologist at Yale and I) decided to go back down on the Prograf. The creatinine still read a little high, but not bad, so we’ve kept it there. I have a blood test tomorrow morning and we will see where things are now (last blood test was in October). I feel “normal.”


Additionally, my daily Prednisone (10mg) and struggle to lose weight, is finally hurting me. My A1C, several months ago, was 6.4. Not quite diabetic, but getting there. My fasting glucose is normal, but my blood sugar is peaking later in the day when the prednisone hits hardest.


I know much of it is my fault, and I know much of it is in my control. I began exercising and dieting/changing lifestyle with the nutritionist at Yale. Then the medicine issues and sickness for 10 weeks. I haven’t gotten back on the horse. I feel in denial and want to deal with it, but am having trouble getting started again.


I have confidence that I will get there, and soon, and I have a lot to live for…………………


Now, the excellent news.


In February, 2015, I separated from my wife. In February 2016, my divorce finalized.


I am not going to say anything negative about my ex, but I do not regret my decision. Things had become toxic in more ways then one. The numbers speak for themselves. My creatinine averaged about 2.2 to 2.3 while I was married. After separation and divorce, my creatinine has consistently been below 2, usually around 1.7 to 1.8. Stress is a killer.


I know, the numbers are good, but where’s the excellent news?


In June, 2016, I met the love of my life. She is everything I could ever ask for. She is supportive, understanding, caring, beautiful, kind (to everyone) and is the best friend I have ever had. I always pictured a partnership like this, but did not think it was reality. Is it perfect, no, not by any stretch. However, it is great and we work through little bumps and always work as a team; we are true partners.


In July of 2017 I moved in with Katie (my two dogs and reptile collection and her three dogs – so, yes, 5!!!!! dogs!!! Everyone gets along great – a blessing). In September, 2017, we got engaged.


So, yeah, I need to get on the weight/health thing and fast. I have a wonderful woman who wants me around for a while, and for all the right reasons.


I will keep everyone updated, but plan to address these issues head on and be around for Katie, and all the wonderful people in my life.

3 Responses to “It’s been a while – Lots to update – Rough Summer – New Life”
  1. Wow. That was a nice story! Hope you will have real happiness this time!

  2. Monica says:

    I have a question? My niece should have kdney transplant. But they told no dogs or pets.
    But you wrote here you have dogs.

    • dakski says:

      Doctors, like everyone else, fear what they don’t understand.

      The risks post-transplant from dogs is limited, but you should be careful.

      The biggest risk is having the dogs jump into/onto the incision.

      Secondly, while heavily immune suppressed (soon after transplant) I would recommend not cleaning up pee and poop from the dogs, or wearing gloves when you do.

      I also keep reptiles, and wore gloves when cleaning up after them. The transplant team wanted me to get rid of them. Not happening. 6 years later, and with proper hand washing, I have yet to get sick from any of my pets.

      Again, I am not a doctor, but did a lot of research and took precautions. That worked for me .

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