In the Hospital Again….but only for a day

I spent Sunday evening until the wee hours of the morning of Monday in the ER.


I did a little too much the previous few days and probably didn’t get enough rest. Then I went to car show Sunday morning in blazing heat and humidity. I drank a ton of fluids, but it wasn’t enough. I got severely dehydrated. I didn’t urinate for 9 hours and so I called Yale’s transplant hotline. They told me to come to the ER. I did.


By the time I got there, I had nausea and had a severe headache.


They hooked up an IV and drew blood. My white blood cell count was a little high, as was my pulse. The latter is common with dehydration.


However, my creatinine was stable at 1.9. They said if I had waited, there could have been damage to the kidney. However, both and ultrasound and blood test results showed there was not.


After three bags of fluids, I started urinating again. I also felt better after the fluids, some tylenol, and some stomach meds.


At 1:30AM they decided they wanted to keep me for observation. I didn’t want to stay, as I felt it was unnecessary. However, I had a close friend with me who insisted I let them keep if they wanted. I told them as long as I could go to the transplant floor, I would stay. However, after an hour of waiting, they said there was no room there. I had the head ER doctor come in and explained my concerns with being in “general population,” especially with an already high white blood count. He agreed. I went home about 3AM and followed up the next morning with the head nephrologist. He said I should rest and hydrate and if I felt any worse, let him know.


I don’t feel 100%, but feel better enough.


My mother was very upset I ended up in the hospital after doing a lot for three days. She wants me to be able to live a normal life. I understand that is not possible, and just take it as it comes. I am alive and my life is pretty good. I focus on the many blessings I have; namely the wonderful people in my life who support me, and stay in the ER until 1:30AM until I kick them out.



2 Responses to “In the Hospital Again….but only for a day”
  1. Gini says:

    Good luck. Best to ur mom.

    Sent from my iPhone Gini Wentz Berry


  2. michelle says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with others. I have similar experience with BK. I have kidney tx for almost 14 yrs. I am working full time. At beginning of this year. I was very sick. I found out I have BK and CMV virus. CT jump from 1.2 to 3.1. Now it’s between 1.95 to 2.3. BK is almost out.

    I find out the website “Transplant Friends” is very helpful. I learn a lot from it.

    I used to do lots of exercises such as running and weight lifting. I cut it down due to CR. I think BALANCE is key. Right now I can not eat too much meat (high protein). I can not work hard as I did before.

    Take care.

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