Still Stable/Losing Weight

My creatinine is stable at 1.9 and I am still symptomatic, but managing it well.


In the meantime, I am down 35 pounds, from 223 to 188 over the past 7 months. The weight loss has slowed recently, and I need to reapply myself and pick up the exercise. I had achilles tendinitis for a while and that slowed me down. However, that is better, and I have started lifting weights again. I want to be 160-170 pounds and I am well on my way there!


I am using weight watchers, which I think is great because it gives you options and teaches you how to make good decisions. More of a lifestyle than a diet.


My triglycerides are almost normal, after being high for a long time. My cholesterol, which was also high is now 156. Totally normal.


I had hoped the weight loss would mean more energy, but not so much. Either way, other benefits exist for weight loss. Long-term health risks are reduced, risk of diabetes, reduced, and I feel better about myself. Would be much easier without 10mg of Prednisone a day, but those are the cards I am dealt.



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