5-3-14/Two Years and Counting!

Well, it’s been a while. Not much to write.


Still battling weight issues (I hate prednisone) and feeling good, and bad sometimes as well. Overall, pretty good.


I have been stable for over a year now and I hit two years from transplant April 12th. I have come to terms with how I feel and although not perfect, I consider my overall state to be a blessing.


I sent the letter below to my friends and family on the 2 year anniversary of my transplant. I think it sums up my feelings.


Also, I have been getting people asking questions and commenting and have been replying. Keep them coming! I check the blog even if I don’t post regularly anymore. I will always post if something significant happens, but if you don’t hear from me, everything is probably okay.




Dear All, 
This weekend marked the 2nd anniversary of my kidney transplant. 
It was a very rough first year, but thankfully, the past year has been a little less nerve racking!
They say if you make it the first two years doing okay, following doctors’ orders, etc. the chance of you making it a while longer (with the current transplanted kidney) are good. 
I still have battles that I fight regularly; fatigue, trying to lose weight on prednisone, etc. Overall, my quality of life is much better than it was before transplant and my mind is much healthier not worrying all the time about will the transplant take, rejection, medication changes, etc. In general, things are pretty stable, at least on the kidney front. 
Anyway, enough about me. 
The purpose of this email is to THANK ALL OF YOU for you support pre, during, and post transplant. It would have been incredibly difficult to get through this without it. 
I want to give a special thanks to my mother, who donated the kidney, and to my wife, who has been there for/with me every step of the way.
We love all of you and look forward to many more years enjoying all of your friendship. 
One Response to “5-3-14/Two Years and Counting!”
  1. Gini says:

    Congratulations David! I wish you and Maria happiness. One way to look at it is the whole world is tired and not loosing weight – national crisis. So you fit in. Continued success!!!

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