7-8-13/Living with a reduced immune system

I am not scheduled to go to Yale for another 4 weeks, but I thought I would update on some things.


Living with a reduced immune system has its cons.


First, I have been getting head colds frequently this spring. It seems like every 3-4 weeks, I am coming down with something. Nothing too dramatic, but they seem to last a long time.


Secondly, I had to treat fungus on my body. Apparently it’s very normal for people with a reduced immune system to get “fungal blotches.” I had them on my neck, shoulders, and mostly arms. I had to shower with a special soap/shampoo over my entire body, letting it sit for 3-5 minutes each application. I had to use it for 14 days straight and then once a month indefinitely. It took care of the problem and it has not come back. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable to have the fungus, but it was a little freaky.


The frequent colds and the fungus really bothered me. I had been feeling pretty normal for a while, but sadly, and maybe for the better, I know that’s not the case now.


Everything else is moving along and I will update again when I go to Yale next, or sooner, if anything comes up.

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