6-4-13/Still Stable

I was at Yale yesterday and my creatinine was 2.3. It was 2.1 two weeks ago and everything else looks good. They do not want to see me for 8 weeks!


I am still tired much of the time, but feel good when I am not, and still do not feel sick when I am exhausted. I just feel really tired and worn out.


They did a thyroid test, but I do not have the results yet. The y just want to rule out certain things.


The doctor said that many people feel almost 100% after transplant, if not 100%. He is open to the idea that some don’t and I am not really complaining anyway. Things are so much better than they were for years leading up to transplant and certainly better than right before transplant.


The BK Virus has almost completely disappeared as of the last blood test and I am hopeful yesterday’s test comes out even better.


I continue to see hits on the blog from people looking to learn more for themselves or for loved ones. I am glad the blog can be a resource to those who need/want it.


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