4-8-13/Good News & Bad News

First the good news. Friday marks one year since the transplant. I had a party last weekend to celebrate and many people came to share in the joy with me and Maria. 


However, we may have celebrated a little too soon. I was at Yale on Friday and my creatinine was 2.5. Not crazy, but now there is a definite trend upwards. 2.2 after lisinopril, then 2.3, 2.4, and now 2.5. The theory on Friday was that I am not on enough immune suppressants since they lowered the cellcept to help me fight off the BK virus – which is going well. 


However, they were thinking of raising the prograf since that has been a steady, normal, level for months. They scheduled a biopsy for this Thursday just to see what’s going on, but without alarm, because whatever it is, it’s  moving slowly. 


So, the consensus was that I am not in rejection, but slightly under immune suppressed. Yale called Friday afternoon though and said that the prograf level was actually twice normal and had me lower my dose. I don’t know if that shoots down that original theory because that has been recent (the high reading of prograf), but I am concerned. 


All I can do now is wait until Thursday and see what they find. 


In the meantime my spirits are good and I have lost 14 pounds on my diet and exercise program since January. No small feet on 10mg a day of Prednisone. 


I am going to keep focusing on what I can control and do the best I can to stay positive. Yale will have to take care of the rest. 


I will update after the biopsy results come back. 

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