2-19-13/Hanging In

Things have been pretty quiet – a good thing.


I have been feeling okay, with a few bad days here and there. The good days are pretty good, and the bad are mostly just days were I can’t get going and feel super exhausted. I have not had the stomach, head, and other ancillary problems that I had prior to transplant since.


The past few days I have been getting headaches, but I think that’s just a coincidence. I am prone to them, often migraines, and I seem to be able to manage it well. I usually take Frova for the migraines, but my insurance company is being difficult at the moment. I should have that resolved soon.


Otherwise, I have been focusing on things to improve my mood. I am taking care of my pets diligently, working hard at work, and have cleaned up the house a lot. Stuff piled up before and after transplant, and I am trying to create a neater environment more conducive to a better mood and more productivity. My office was a pig pen, and is now neat and tidy, as is my man cave – which suffered the flood last year. Much easier to get work done in my office now (I still work from home often) and much easier to relax in the man cave/exercise room.


I have lost 6 pounds since starting my diet beginning of January and I am exercising regularly. I would have lost more, but when I start a diet, I like to determine my limits for weight loss. So, after losing 3 weeks straight, I maintained for 2 figuring out how hard I need to diet and how much to exercise etc.


I am optimistic the weight will come off and I am back to lifting weights pretty hard. My core strengthening is paying off, but I still have occasional discomfort where the incisions are (my belly), especially when I cough or sneeze. I am hoping that dissipates with time and further strengthening.


Overall, a good report I think and I will write more after I get my next blood test. My fingers are crossed. If the blood test in 2 weeks is good, that will be 3 months stable and I can start to breathe more easily.



2 Responses to “2-19-13/Hanging In”
  1. Gini says:

    Keep up the good work! Happy winter!

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