I was at Yale on 1-22-13 and my creatinine was 2.3. I am now on Lisinopril (for about 2-3 months now), for blood pressure control, but mostly because it is believed to extend the life of the new kidney. They are not sure why, but it seems to have a protective effect on kidneys. I took it prior to transplant as well.


The creatinine seems a little high at first glance, and it might be, but Lisinopril although helpful to the kidney, raises creatinine and makes it a little less stable. There are no ill effects long-term, just heightened and less stable creatinine while taking it. I will probably be on it for the life of the kidney.


Yale told me not to come back for a month as everything else looks good. I have also lost 6 pounds since my last visit – a good pace – about two pounds a week.


The challenge now will be to eat more when I start exercising more heavily, as I don’t want to lose faster than the two-pounds a week.


I am settled into my weight watchers online and it is working as it should.


I also think I am building some stamina. My average is feeling about 75-80%, versus 65-75% the past few weeks as I began pushing harder at work, exercise, and play. I think 100% is unrealistic, as does Yale, but my goal is 80-90% consistently. I think as I continue to exercise, and take weight off, that is feasible.


On another note, my wife, Maria, had her Gal Bladder out yesterday (hence writing at 3AM – I am playing nurse). She did great and the surgery went well. She was home 6 hours after the surgery.


She is in some pain and has a lot of discomfort so our roles are switched. I am taking care of her for a change! It’s a weird feeling.

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