1-17-13/Doing Okay

I haven’t really had much to say, but my sister has been bugging me to update.


I joined weight watchers online two weeks ago, took a week to transition (but still lost weight), and am now in the full swing of things. I am cooking most nights; either grilling lean meat, or making a healthy frozen dinner. The idea is to know what I am eating so I can monitor properly and lose weight.


I am back to semi-strenous weight lifting and building stamina each time I lift. Heavy cardio starts when I am around 200 pounds (right now it is very difficult and wears on me with the added weight), which should be within 2 months. In the meantime, I will be doing light cardio – walking, etc. To get the body ready for more rigorous cardio.


I have been back to working full-time for a while now, and doing okay, but am still mostly working from home. The commute into New York is about 2 hours each way, and being in the office all day, combined with the commute, totally wipes me out. Before the surgery I was barely making it into the office. Now I am getting back into going in more frequently. I can feel my stamina building, but still tend to wear out easily and often. The good news is that when I feel good, I really do feel good. And, when I feel crappy, it’s really just severe fatigue, and not accompanied by the stomach pain, headaches, and general discomfort I had before the surgery.


I should also note that I am going to Yale once a month now (going next week), since I have been stable for 6+ weeks, and am now 9 months removed from the transplant.


In the meantime, my wife, Maria, needs her gal bladder taken out next week. Without being too insensitive, having something sucked out a belly button sounds a lot easier than 80+ staples in the stomach! However, I totally understand her anxiety. She has been in a lot of pain of late and I am optimistic she feels better quickly after surgery. It’s my turn to take care of her for change!

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