12-14-12/Back Home….What/Perspective

Well, I am back home.


Apparently, very rare, but of course the high creatinine reading was due to “lab error.” There is no other way to explain how it dropped back to 2.1 today with no intervention. Additionally, my kidney looked good on preliminary viewing post-biopsy.


I would normally be a little upset about the trauma of the whole situation, but we live ten miles from where the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut took place, and that puts things in perspective. I have friends who live there, and although none of their children were killed, are devastated. I am shocked as well. I didn’t realize how much scarier it is when it hits close to home. Ultimately they will know, I and I will probably know people who are deeply affected.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those hurt or killed, and also those who will have to live with the trauma.

3 Responses to “12-14-12/Back Home….What/Perspective”
  1. tjzager says:

    So relieved to hear about you, and so overwhelmed with grief today as well. xoxoxo Tracy

  2. Sam M says:

    Hi David,

    I am sorry to hear that you have had some health setbacks – although it sounds like things are getting better. Hearing the tragic events in Newtown made me think of you all as I remember visiting it a couple of times whilst I was working in Danbury. Obviously, the news is shocking but the closer to home it falls, the greater the impact.

    Take care,


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