12-12-12 – May be in Rejection Again/Still Feel Crappy

Well, I haven’t written in a while. November was tough. Steroid treatments for the rejection were difficult, as usual. I had trouble sleeping and was wired at times, exhausted others, and gained more weight. Thanksgiving is tough because it is the anniversary of my father’s death. It’s been 7 years now. I can’t believe it. Time flies.


Last weeks blood test showed a creatinine back to 2.0 after it has been in the 1.7-1.8 range. We’ll see this Thursday what the story there is.


In the meantime, I don’t feel so sick, like I did before transplant, but I feel worn out much of the time. I think I am 80%, and that’s probably about where I will stay. Beats the alternative, but it’s hard to live a normal life at 80%. The doctors feel I am through the post-surgery period and should be getting to a baseline.


Of course I am working much harder. I also started working out – so there may be some adjustments to the added physical and mental stress of all that. However, I am seeing little improvement at this point.


The BK Virus is dropping in my blood and is showing no signs of being in the kidney currently. That’s good, and real relief.


I will try to write more after the blood test on Thursday, and will keep my fingers crossed.

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