10-1-12 – Creatinine Creeping Up/Back to Normalcy

Last week I had my creatine checked and it was 1.9.


No need to worry yet, but we are going to watch very carefully to make sure it doesn’t creep up more, and if it does, be ready to act.


I am pretty much back to work full-time and feel pretty good. When I have a hard time, it’s usually a bad hour or two and I can sleep it off. It’s not a whole day, or week shot, like before the transplant. Additionally, when I feel good, I really feel pretty normal. It’s a good feeling.


This weekend I had a party to celebrate my “new lease on life/inevitable/almost there/return to health.” I also drove on the race track for the first time all year. The season is just about over, but it was great to get out there. Aside from the obvious fun, it is very symbolic and meaningful to me. I have to be feeling good to be able to be out on track and be able to be safe and enjoy myself. I was amazed at my stamina. I used to be shot after a session or two (1/2 hour to an hour of driving in total). This time I was able to drive 6 sessions with no ill effects! I did sleep like a baby last night though.


I am at Yale next week and will report on my creatinine when I know where I stand.

2 Responses to “10-1-12 – Creatinine Creeping Up/Back to Normalcy”
  1. Elena says:

    I am so happy for you! What a journey you have had, and are still having. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sam says:

    Very pleased to hear these positive developments and that you have been able to have a bit of fun. What does driving on the race track entail?

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