9-18-12/No More IVIG For Me!

I had my second IVIG treatment this past Thursday. Yale gave me 1/2 the dose, benadryl, tylenol, and cortisone.

I was supposed to get the second 1/2 of the dose the following day. Of course, Friday I woke up with a fever and chills – again! I thought, “here we go again!”

Luckily the fever was only around 100 F- not over 103 F, and the chills were minor. I was able to drive myself to Yale after paging them at 6AM to tell them NO MORE IVIG!


After looking at my blood work – they agreed! My white blood cell count was only slightly off this time – but my creatinine shot to 3.3 from 1.7!


They were thinking of checking me into the hospital – but I said NO. I will be fine in a few days. My fever was already down and we had been through this before. They agreed, as long as I came into the transplant floor for bloodwork Sunday morning. I did, and my creatinine was back t0 1.7.


The hope with the IVIG was that it would help me fight off BK Virus. At this point, we are going to have to let my body try its best to fight it off on its own for now. I appear to have a very, very, rare reaction to IVIG that seems to cause more damage than do good.


In the meantime, I am feeling pretty good and am basically back to work full time. It’s nice to have a pretty normal life again.


I still have days when I am tired and feel worn out. However, those are fewer and farther between and I am amazed at how I can handle a full day of doing things without falling apart.

One Response to “9-18-12/No More IVIG For Me!”
  1. Trish Collins says:

    This is so good to hear! Keep up the good work & stay positive. Trish Collins

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