9-7-12/Stable Creatinine!

I was at Yale yesterday and things went well.

My creatinine is stable at 1.6-1.7 – it read 1.7 yesterday. That’s two tests in a row at the lowest I have been out of the hospital post-transplant. My white blood cell count is basically back to normal.

They lowered the prednisone again, and I will be back to my maintenance dose of 5mg by next Thursday. My iron is better, so I cut that dose in half as well.

We are planning an IVIG treatment for next Thursday and Friday. We are splitting over two days and also I will be getting hydrocortisone in addition to Benadryl and Tylenol. The idea being by splitting the dose and giving extra precautionary medicine, I should not have the reaction I had last time and spend 5 days in the hospital.

Other than IVIG – my check ups have been moved from weekly to monthly; a big step. The consensus is I am through the worst of things.

I also got cleared for light lifting – basically I can get back in shape at my pace, but being careful.

I have been walking, but plan to ramp up a little over the next week and start some high rep weight training. Low weight/high repetitions – just to get the muscles working again.

I will report more after IVIG or sooner.

One Response to “9-7-12/Stable Creatinine!”
  1. jenn trombley says:

    David! Eric told me you called. I’m off until sat. call me!

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