8-20-12/Part 2 – Good News!

I posted the following earlier today (new blog entry to follow):

8-20-12/Bad News and Another Biopsy

Yesterday (Sunday) was hectic.

My white blood count was up to 700 from 500, but still very low. Additionally, my neutrophils were .2, versus a healthy 1.0+. These are a subset of white blood cells. The only good news here is that the blood doctor (hematologist) felt that for the most part, everything else looked okay. Iron was a little low so they are testing that off this mornings blood sample. He did not think I need an injection to stimulate growth of white blood cells or a painful bone marrow biopsy. Both had been brought up the day before.

My blood sugar non-fasting is down from 350 several days ago to about 150 now. Still a little high, but dropping, and no insulin needed. I am optimistic about this at the moment.

Meanwhile, my kidney function had not improved. My creatinine was 2.5 – and that’s fully hydrated on IV fluids, no fever, etc. Not good.

The nephrologist (one of the two I see regularly) was very concerned. He felt that things should have improved much on this front. He did not want to wait another day and risk damage/more damage to the kidney. So we decided on another biopsy. There was no transport available and we needed the sample to pathology by 12PM. It was 10AM. The nephrologist and his resident personally wheeled me to ultrasound, performed the biopsy, and brought me back and brought the samples to pathology.

We hope to get results today and also a better creatinine number. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am stuck at the hospital indefinitely. We need to know what is going on and I need white blood cells to fight disease. Otherwise, things are great.

Will report more when I know more.




News this morning was much better. Blood sugar is basically normal, white blood cells are 1K+, and creatinine is 2.2!


Biopsy results show no noticeable change from 2 weeks ago.


In other words – this was the perfect storm. One of the nephrologists pointed out that my blood count was slightly off before the IVIG treatment. The thought is I was fighting something and the IVIG pushed my body over the edge. The blood count and glucose was just an extreme response from my body. The creatinine was the same.


The said I could go home today, but would rather wait until tomorrow and see another drop in creatinine and another rise in white blood cells. I agreed.


The issue now becomes do I do IVIG again? The thought is that I would, but smaller doses split up and with more preventative medicine. Remember, the reason for IVIG in the first place is BK Virus, a serious problem. We don’t want that to win because we didn’t try. We also don’t want to make rash and somewhat random decisions. They have never seen a reaction like this to IVIG. There was likely something else at play.


In the meantime, I feel better. I am looking forward to going home and trying, again, to return to a somewhat normal life.

3 Responses to “8-20-12/Part 2 – Good News!”
  1. Teepee12 says:

    Wow, what an emotional and physical roller coaster you are on! Phew. If YOU aren’t stark raving mad by the time things settle down, I might be!

  2. tjzager says:

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear this!!! Been on pins and needles all day waiting for that path result!

  3. Gini says:

    much better! good!

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