8-19-12/In Hospital

I haven’t written in sometime. First, there was little to report. Now, sadly, there is much to report.

I started my IVIG treatments on Thursday. Everything seemed to go fine with the treatment, but by 9PM that night I had chills and a severe headache. I ended up developing a 103 fever over the night and was literally delirous and in and out of consciousness. I was aware that I was disoriented, but not enough to do anything about it. I couldn’t wake Maria or call my mother, etc. I certainly wasn’t able to call Yale as I was totally incoherent.

Friday morning Maria drove me to the ER at Yale after calling transplant. They were ready for me and got my fever down. By mid-afternoon I was coherent again, and much less scared. However, they admitted me for precautionary reasons and drew a lot of blood.

Friday night my blood sugar spiked at 350 – it’s never been that high – and they had to give me insulin injections. The sugar is still high, but has dropped and is now below 200 non-fasting. They are optimistic that I didn’t become diabetic overnight and that my system is in shock.

My creatinine also spiked – to 2.7. It was down to 2.4 by Saturday, but obviously still very high.

Worst of all, my white blood cell count, which is supposed to be between 3-4K, is around 500! I can’t leave my hospital room without a mask and no one can come in to see me without one.

The consensus from transplant is that I have “syrum” sickness from the IVIG. Of course, the doctor said he hasn’t seen it this bad in years. The blood doctor was less certain, although agreed it was a weird coincidence if not the IVIG. He told transplant to reduce my immune suppresants so my blood count can recover. Not sure what they are going to do yet though, since I am still fighting rejection.

I told them I am not sure about doing IVIG again. I met with the doctor and pharmacist and they said they can split the dose over a day or two and give smaller doses. We also need to rule out that it’s not something else and are waiting for a lot of lab results. Still, that was one of the scariest nights of my life – being that sick and dissoriented – and since I am still in the hospital and totally messed up, am not anxious to do this again. They do seem to understand that.

When I know more, I will try to report ASAP, but things are a little hectic now. I am scared and frustrated with another setback.

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