7-31-12/Kidney Biopsy

Alfred Hitchcock used to say, “the anticipation of the bang is worse than the bang itself.” He made a living off that premise, and I lost a lot of sleep last night over the anticipation of the biopsy today.


I have to admit, it was pretty benign. Given everything I have been through, I imagine I have a higher tolerance for pain/discomfort/and dealing with large needles headed for my abdomen, etc. than most. But, even for those that don’t do well with these things, I don’t think anyone should sweat this.


The shots to numb the area sting for a second or two and that’s about it. Sometimes you feel pressure and you hear and feel (not in the form of pain) the biopsy needle grabbing a piece of kidney. They took two samples and then came the worst part. I had to sit for two hours with a 10 pound weight over the kidney to stop/prevent bleeding. Then had to wait another hour after. Thank G-D for IPAD’s. I get bored very easily.


The hope is that they find nothing on the biopsy and expect me to have a higher baseline creatinine. However, given the now higher levels of BK Virus in my blood, they would not be surprised to find evidence of that. In the meantime, my creatinine was 2.2 today, virtually unchanged/within lab error from last weeks reading. However, the progression upward tends to be a blip or two up every few weeks.


They gave me the option to do the biopsy next week, but had to by then. I figured, “let’s just get it over with.” The waiting and not knowing has got to be worse than the procedure itself.


I should have preliminary results in the next 16 hours and formal/more in depth results by the end of this week/early next week.

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  1. lillianhr says:

    hope for you

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