7-30-12/Biopsy Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is the kidney biopsy. As most of you know, my creatinine has been creeping upwards over the past few months. Not a good thing. It could just be the BK Virus causing it, but they want to be sure we know what we’re dealing with.


I am really down. It seems that every time things are starting to look up, I get another blow.


At least after tomorrow, we’ll have a better idea of what we are up against.


I have seen searches on the blog about pictures of the incision(s). I will have Maria take a few pictures of all the scars and post a picture.



3 Responses to “7-30-12/Biopsy Tomorrow”
  1. tjzager says:

    Staying tuned…thinking of you for tomorrow and hoping for good results. xoxoxo T

  2. Lillian Rosenzweig says:

    Keep the faith please, you will get through the biopsy and at least you will know the plan of action for you . I have been through 2 biopsies and they are pretty quick and mostly painless.

    • dakski says:


      Thanks for writing again. The biopsy was pretty painless. Given everything else I/we have been through, rather benign.

      Take care and be well and I’ll keep my chin up as best I can.


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