7-17-12/BK Virus pt. 2

I spoke to Yale today and feel a little better. First, they moved my clinic appointment to Friday. The stent comes out tomorrow, so by the end of the week we should know how the ureter revision went.


We also spoke about the BK Virus. It sounds like two medications (prograf and prednisone) is usually sufficient to reduce the immune system and prevent rejection. I take three as an added precaution. They are reducing and potentially stopping one (cellcept) until BK clears up – which can take months. We went over signs of rejection – reduced urinations, swelling, pain in the area of the new kidney, etc.


It sounds like when caught early, the efficacy of treating BK is high and the risk of rejection although higher, is not sky high by any means.


I will be watching the situation closely as will Yale.

3 Responses to “7-17-12/BK Virus pt. 2”
  1. tjzager says:

    I’m so glad…much more encouraging sounding…

    • Nancy Barone says:

      I’m happy you spoke with Yale. Sometimes reading things on-line can make you crazy. My Mom is going thru some really tough times. She is in CHF and when she goes on line she can’t sleep for days. Her doctors are always telling her to let them be the doctors and for her to stay off line. I am so thrilled you were able to get some encouraging news. Stay Strong!!!! Love, Nancy and Chris

      • dakski says:


        Unfortunately, or fortunately, Yale confirmed what I had read. They merely filled me in on the efficacy of treatment.

        I think the internet can go both ways. You need to know how to research and look at the whole picture.

        I also hope people don’t use my blog as a medical resource as much as a way of better understanding the process.

        Take care and be well.


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