I was at Yale this morning and things appear to be stable at the moment. Creatinine was 2.1 – statistically the same as last time – and the same it’s been for over a week. Not a great creatinine reading, but it’s stable.


They did an ultrasound and that showed no fluid in the kidney – a plus – although we won’t know for sure the operation was a success until the stent comes out next Thursday.


I met with one of the two surgeons who operated on me for the ureter revision and he said the trauma can cause an elevated creatinine.


My incision is getting painful and looking red. It appears to be at the pre-infection stage, but close to infection. They put me on antibiotics to try to control that and avoid a wound impaction – when they open you up and remove yucky tissue. Not a fun day.


After my post at 3AM the other day – I slept 22 of the next 24 hours. I am so mentally and physically worn out. It’s very frustrating.


People are reaching out to me and helping to give me strength. Some people from work are checking in, Maria’s best friend wrote me a really nice and thoughtful email, and I had a great talk the other night with my cousins Sam and Tracy. They were amazing – they listened and validated my feelings instead of trying to fix it like many people seem to want to do.


People keep asking me what they can do. The answer is two fold. First, ask me what I need/want. Second, unless I specifically ask for something to “fix” the problem (i.e. a glass of water because I am thirsty, etc), just empathize with and validate my feelings.

3 Responses to “7-9-12/Stable?”
  1. Jason Schiffer says:

    David, I spent some time reading your blog today, what an impressive, thorough, and honest job. Sounds like a tough journey, but I am confident that you will prevail. Try to maintain your humor and spirit. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. tjzager says:

    I’m so glad it helped to talk. We are here!!! Much love,

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