7-5-12/Some Explanations

I was at Yale today and they have an explanation for my lack of bladder control – something I didn’t mention earlier. It’s not horrible, but it is definitely annoying. They think the stent that was put in to help the ureter and bladder heal has shifted. This shift puts pressure on the bladder and makes me “drip.” I am wearing “Depends” as that keeps my clothes/bed/furniture, etc. dry. The only way to fix the problem is to have the stent removed. It needs to stay in for 3-6 weeks – generally 4-6. They will compromise and take it out at 3 weeks so I can stop pissing myself.


They did offer a cystoscopy now to try to fix it and then another one to remove it. Since the odds are that a cystoscopy would not fix it, I opted to only have a 3 foot tube stuck up my penis one more time (for now anyway) instead of two.


The creatnine is still high – actually higher – at 2.2.


This has me more concerned. However, the doctor’s pointed out that post-op it can take a little while for things to settle down.


I am back on Monday for bloodwork and possibly an ultrasound. A biopsy is a remote possibility.


So, it’s back to the waiting game – the hardest part.

3 Responses to “7-5-12/Some Explanations”
  1. Daniela Butennandt says:

    David, it is very sad and awful what you are going through at the moment. I wish I wasn’t so far away because it is hard for me to express what I feel in a comment. Instead I would rather stop by and talk to you! I can fully understand that being in constant pain and discomfort drives you crazy! I would be the same. When people over here want to tell me about their “horrible” health problems I keep telling them about you saying that they should consider themselves lucky compared to what you are going through!

    Give my regards to Maria! I will stay in touch!
    Love always,

  2. Gini says:

    Hi David, I know the dogs can not give you kisses, but if you could receive them Schooner and Suki would love to give you kisses and snuggles. If anyone knows what it is like to get “kicked” it is Schooie…I know he is a dog…but he has had a rough time of it too. But they are goldens and would love to give you the attention you need. Although…when I have had surgery…I struggle between wanting to be alone or have someone around.

    I think you should become a doctor…you can talk all you have learned and teach folks how not to be!

    Have a good day…or try and hang in there.

    We all take our life and health for granted…we should not! And, you are experiencing that, I know!
    Gini and Paul

    • dakski says:


      Doctor – not for me. Even though I know I am doing good in the end I would have trouble putting people through the pain and angst along the way.

      Thanks again for following along.

      I’ll keep hanging.


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