7-2-12/Enough Already

Okay, they said there would be bumps in the roads. I get that. I am, however,  getting sick of potholes that prevent me from reaching my destination – some consistent level of health. Not even great health – just consistent health. My standards are lowering by the day.


I was back at Yale today and although the incision looks like it is healing well – the creatnine is up again. It had been about 1.6-1.7 and consistently the latter after they stopped IV fluids. I am now 2.1. In two days? Really?


I get re-checked Thursday and they do not want to review scenarios with me until they confirm the creatnine level or see an improvement.


I have some theories but there’s no point in speculating at this point. I am however, very concerned. I am also in pain and running out of both energy and hope – quickly.


I had originally started this blog as a way for people to know what the process of kidney transplantation is like. It then transformed into a combination of that and being cathartic for me. Now I think it’s more the latter. Yes, I think parts of this are very representative of what the process of like – but it’s too much. Most people I have met from this experience have smoother roads and more success in a shorter span of time. The chance of needing the ureter revision was less than 1% for kidney transplant recipients – meaning the average american doesn’t even know what a ureter is. Let alone the revision of one.


I will keep writing if people find this helpful. I am starting to see searches on search engines that end up on my sight that have people asking about the process and specific procedures – like a cystoscopy. I continue to hope this is helpful for all.


Thanks for reading.



One Response to “7-2-12/Enough Already”
  1. Nancy Barone says:

    Hi David
    I can’t imagine all that you have gone thru. It is amazing operation and you are so blessed to have your Mom as a match. I often wonder why some people have “potholes” in their lives? I still don’t have an answer for that. I will share a little story with you. My father in law has been fighting to save his leg for almost 2 years this August. The doctors have done some extensive surgery on it and are doing everything humanly possible to save it. He has had more ups and downs in the past 2 years. I don’t think I could have done what he is doing!! The amazing part of this story is his attitude. He will be told one week by a group of doctors that things seem to be moving along nicely and it looks promising. The next week he goes and is told very grim news that things are not healing and it looks like he will loose his leg. Through all of this his spirits have been up. I asked him one day how he does it……..His response to me was he has not choice and if he has to lose his leg he will deal with it at the time. Again, so many potholes through his journey. Your blog has been so amazing and I have shared it with so many people. You are an incredible young man with so much future in front of you. For whatever reason you are experiencing all these potholes I do believe you will come out of this so strong. I am sure you are helping so many people with your strength and courage as you move forward and battle this issue. I do know when you are at home and feeling rotten you can’t see who your helping so many others. Stay strong, feel better each day and know you are a pillar of strength for so many. Nancy Barone

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