6-29-12/Crappy Day

Well, Friday was pretty crappy. They took out the catheter and the drainage tube. Although both are a relief, neither are pleasant experiencs. Frankly, the drainage tube is much worse. I almsot kicked the doctor who took it out. It’s not really painful as much as REALLY uncomfortable. It feels like your body is being sucked into your stomach for a few seconds.


Secondly, this surgey was more painful than the last. A combination of where they cut me. how much they cut me, and that they had to go through some scar tissue. Because of the higher level of pain – I needed more pain killers. More painkillers equated to really bad constipation. Constipation – for four days – is painful. Painkillers make it worse but the pain is so intese withou. What are you supposed to do?


Laxatives, a subosit0ry, and some hot tea later, I got some out. What I relief. I was able to take a non-narcotic painkiller to take the edge off so I could go. The pain was right where the incision/surgey pain was – so it was really horrible.


Everyone got a kick out of my shirt I bought in anticipation of the occasion. It said, “I Pooped Today.” They do ask.


Meanwhile, I was pretty irratable – my 4th day in a row of intese pain and 1st with no painkillers in my system for some time. Maria and I got on each others nerves and  I am pretty sure I didn’t make any new friends.


The important thing is we got through it. I should go home Saturday or Sunday. I’ll keep you all posted.


2 Responses to “6-29-12/Crappy Day”
  1. Gini and Paul says:

    David I know from my years in the hospital day 4 and day 7 +/- are the toughest. You are smart and it is like a car engine. Sometimes it takes a bit for everything to recover. And on the second round like you just got out of a punching bag. There is a saying I want to look up for you. Bottom line it is easy to give up as many do just before things turn Stay the course My dad had 3 open heart surgeries. Each time it was tough but he will be 87 this year. We did not expect him to live past 60. Good luck!

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