6-27-12/Surgery A Success But Pain Bad

According to both surgeons, the surgery went very well. Things had to be moved around a little, but basically, was in range with what they expect. They were pleased.


I am relieved. Part of the concern going in was whether the ureter revision would work. We won’t know if we are totally out of the woods until the stent comes out via cyscoscopy – again – in 6 weeks. However, things look good and the worst case is pretty much just  kink in the new ureter that can be corrected via nephrostomy tube. This happens rarely.


Having said all that – the pain is pretty bad. With the transplant, I could favor my left side becasue the new kidney was on the right.


Now I have a large incision right down the midele of my torso/abdomin. Nothing to favor – just constant pain. I walked a little today, but it got very painful quickly. Getting back in bed was awful. Additionally, I have a directional catheter. In other words, it doen’t drain constantly, so the tube has to be moved around to facilitate drainage at times. That in and of itself is enough discomfort to make anyone crazy.


The good news is there is only a small drainage tube this timeand it should come out before I go home. As will the catheter.


I am stuggling with perspective again – too far in the forest of pain to see the trees.


I hope things begin to transition to more appreciation and a more postive attitude about getting on with my life – soon!

2 Responses to “6-27-12/Surgery A Success But Pain Bad”
  1. Maribel says:

    I’m glad the surgery was a success. I know that waiting game oh so well. You writing while being in the deep forest is a pain is a testament of the glimmering faith you have. Never let that go and keep fighting with every little word and step you make. My prayers that this time shall pass… very very soon!

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