6-13-12/Looks Like a Second Surgery :(

I had my nephrostomy tube pulled back today and ureter still looks pretty bad.


I am meeting with the surgeon on Friday to almost definitely schedule my second major surgery in roughly two months. I am less than happy.


I don’t know what to say now except I am angry, scared, and upset at the thought of being in pain for another 8+ weeks, postponing my life for another 8+ weeks, and having tubes and stents, etc. put in and pulled out of me again.


I will write more when I know more on Friday.


In the meantime I am trying  to focus on the fact that the kidney was saved from an inevitable death had this not been dealt with as swiftly and effectively as it was.


That is very positive and a relief. However, at the moment, that has little impact on how bummed I am about needing surgery again.

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