The emotional and physical stress is taking its toll.


Emotionally, I have the likelihood of another surgery hanging over my head. That alone is overwhelming. On top of that, I still have the drain in me.


This wednesday they pull the nephrostomy tube and stent back a little and look at the ureter. If it’s fine, which is not likely, I am done with procedures – at least for now and can party like its 1999. Otherwise, they schedule the surgery to replace the ureter for soon after.


In the meantime, my creatnine is down to 1.7 and holding. So the kidney is doing what it’s supposed to and apparently was nothing more than annoyed by the urine buildup. In other words, we caught the ureter issue in time.


When I am not exhausted (not often at the moment), I get glimpses of what it will feel like to be through all this. It’s a good feeling and one of the only things keeping me going right now.


My wife is showing signs of stress too. This whole thing is weighing on both of us. The good news is that we are doing a good job of staying strong as a couple, even if we are not feeling great individually.


We have decided to renew our wedding vows this September, on our 5th wedding anniversary. Life is too short and we have been through lot.

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