5-17-12/Bump In the Road

Well, the good news is my Creatnine is still stable at 2.0 and the Prograf level is still relatively high, so there is room for improvement.

The bad news is that the tube connecting my bladder to the new kidney is not doing well without the stent. It’s closing up and therefore urine is building in the new kidney. At the moment, that’s not creating a problem functioning wise, but it will if we don’t take care of it ASAP.

So, tomorrow morning I get checked into Yale and have another tube inserted into me to drain the kidney and they will also try to open up the connection some. I will be knocked out for this and will have to stay in the hospital overnight tomorrow night.

Apparently this happens to 5-10% of kidney transplant recipients when the stent is removed.

Apparently, if this doesn’t go well (if it’s not successful) – then they have to do an even more invasive procedure. It doesn’t sound like the kidney is at risk right now, but things may not be fun for a while.

I’ll update on the procedure as soon as I can.


CORRECTION as of this evening: I recently learned that I will not be knocked out for the procedure. In fact, I will likely be very aware of what they are doing. They said they will give me some morphine – and I look forward to that. The worst part for me is the anxiety around what they are doing. Hopefully the morphine let’s my mind wander a little.

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