5-11-12/No more Stent! Creatnine still jumping around.

Well, the worst is over. The stent came out on Wednesday.


They encouraged me to take painkillers before the stent removal/cystoscopy. I didn’t because a) they said it would only take 30-40 seconds and b) I wanted to be able to write about accurately in the blog.


In retrospect, I should have taken painkillers. However, the procedure was not as bad as I had anticipated (still bad however) and took no longer than 40 seconds.


Basically, they put lidocaine in your urethra, which is uncomfortable and feels like you are peeing backwards with a urinary tract infection. Not painful, but not fun either.


Then they stick a scope/camera up into you. I thought the beginning would really hurt, but it’s just uncomfortable. The doctor told me when it would really hurt – which is when the probe goes into the bladder. He was right, it felt like someone was standing on my bladder. It was rather uncomfortable and painful, but only lasted about 3 seconds.


Once it’s in the bladder, it’s like having a catheter in. You know it’s there, but not painful at all. They pulled the stent, and the scope, out in about 3 seconds. Not fun, but not really painful either.


I think the anxiety surrounding the procedure is much worse than the actual procedure. It was really quick, and frankly, I have been through worse in this process.


Yesterday my creatnine was 2.1, but my Prograf levels are elevated. That should explain it and they lowered the Prograf. If things are stable or better on Monday, no harm no foul. If the creatnine is higher however, they will want to do a biopsy. Not likely, so I am not even going to worry about it.


In the meantime, I feel pretty good.


I’ll keep everyone up to speed.

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