5-3-12/Things are Progressing Nicely

Was at Yale again today. Creatnine is down to 1.7 indicating that the Prograf caused the rise, not kidney problems.


They say I am doing so well, that I can go to once a week visits instead of 2X weekly. Next Wednesday I am having the stent at my bladder taken out with a urethra probe – ugh.


Everyone says its worse in theory than in actuality and it takes less than 40 seconds. I will do what I have to do.


Maria is going back to work tomorrow and is planning on working at least 3 days next week. So, things are getting back to normal.


Looking back I feel really blessed. Everything has gone incredibly well and aside from a few scares (i.e. creatnine creeping up), has been pretty uneventful.


I had lost 40 pounds leading up to transplant (over a year or so) – from 230 to 190. I am 5’5″ and my goal weight is 165.


Yale has encouraged me to take it slower now with the weightless. I can lose 1/2 a pound a week instead of 1+. That makes my life easier, especially when I can work out again doing cardio and weight training. I just have to careful about what I eat and not go crazy counting every calorie.


Two other good things. One, my neurologist feels the stress of surgery and the high doses of immune suppressants are making the migraines more frequent and worse. He gave me more medicine and said to take the full dose early in the migraine. I had historically taken 1/2 a dose. Long-term, things should return to normal.


I also started driving again. Taking it very easy, but with Maria going back to work, it’s nice to know I am not stuck at home!

One Response to “5-3-12/Things are Progressing Nicely”
  1. jenn trombley says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see you again. We have missed you coming in, even to say hello!!!

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