5-31-12/From Bad to Worse

It is never a good thing when you show up at transplant clinic and they tell you the head of surgery is coming to speak with you.   Long story short, the entire team reviewed my case and they are fairly certain that I will need surgery in a few weeks to attach one of … Continue reading

5-30-12/More Pain

I have been neglecting the blog of late. Not much new to report so I haven’t felt obligated. Also, I have been dealing with a lot of both kidney, and non-kidney, related items. However, I should probably be writing more regularly. Last week I was at Yale and they took some blood and did an … Continue reading

5-21-12/When Is a Damaged Ureter a Good Thing?

I was at Yale today and have potentially ¬†good news.   First, they took off my urine bag and I can pee like a human being again – via genitals instead of tube in kidney!   Secondly, there may be reason for optimism.   My surgeon came down to clinic to speak with me today. … Continue reading

5-19-12/Goods News, Bad news, and Bad news

Yesterday I had my¬†percutaneous nephrostomy tube placed, with a drain, as well a stent put in my ureter.   The procedure was not terrible – it was kind of like a kidney biopsy – which was really not fun – except they really drugged me nicely for this procedure. So, moments of pain were followed … Continue reading

5-17-12/Bump In the Road

Well, the good news is my Creatnine is still stable at 2.0 and the Prograf level is still relatively high, so there is room for improvement. The bad news is that the tube connecting my bladder to the new kidney is not doing well without the stent. It’s closing up and therefore urine is building … Continue reading

5-15-12/Creatnine Stabilizing?

I was at Yale yesterday. My creatinine is down to 2.0, from 2.1 on Thursday. Better, but still not great. In the meantime, my Prograf levels are still high – so they lowered my Prograf dosage (again) as that can explain the elevated creatinine. Since things had improved, even slightly, they did not do a … Continue reading

5-11-12/No more Stent! Creatnine still jumping around.

Well, the worst is over. The stent came out on Wednesday.   They encouraged me to take painkillers before the stent removal/cystoscopy. I didn’t because a) they said it would only take 30-40 seconds and b) I wanted to be able to write about accurately in the blog.   In retrospect, I should have taken … Continue reading

5-3-12/Things are Progressing Nicely

Was at Yale again today. Creatnine is down to 1.7 indicating that the Prograf caused the rise, not kidney problems.   They say I am doing so well, that I can go to once a week visits instead of 2X weekly. Next Wednesday I am having the stent at my bladder taken out with a … Continue reading

5-1-12-Staples Out and Creatnine Stable

Things are progressing well. I got the staples out yesterday and my creatnine is stable at 1.8. The protein in my urine is normal, which seems to indicate that at the moment, the FSGS is leaving the new kidney alone. The staples coming out was not a big deal at all. I barely felt it. … Continue reading