4-12-12/I’m Alive

The surgery went well.  However, I am tired and don’t have the energy to write much.   I will write more tomorrow, but I wanted to thank everyone for their support.

4-11-12/Surgery Tomorrow – D-Day Approaching!

Tomorrow is the big day. I have made my peace with what has to happen and am looking forward to feeling better on the other side (of transplant that is!).   I spent most of today running around so I didn’t have to think too much about tomorrow. Many people called/emailed/or texted and it was … Continue reading


The trauma of yesterday is subsiding and I am getting much support. I really want to be strong, for me and for my family, but I am still scared. I have come to the preliminary conclusion that I will do whatever I have to in order to make this successful.

4-9-12/Pre-Surgery Appointment at Yale

Today I spent the day at Yale New Haven Hospital. I met my surgeon and team.   Everyone has been so nonchalant about the surgery and been talking about how routine it is. After talking with my surgeon today, I am a little confused.   It sounds like I will be having MAJOR SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse … Continue reading


Yesterday was Passover and I slept through/rested through most of the Seder.   I got really sick to my stomach and lightheaded right before the seder began.   Everyone was really understanding.   I fell asleep about 11PM last night and got up now – 1PM.   The surgery is now 4 days away and … Continue reading


Been a few days since I wrote. I have been running around getting pre-surgery items taken care of.   Finished some loose ends at work, picking up my living will today, and got dental clearance.   The past few days have been okay health wise, all things considering.   Yesterday was my Grandfather’s 93rd birthday. … Continue reading


I pushed too hard today. I got up at 10AM for a business meeting and even though I needed a nap, didn’t take one this afternoon. I pushed through and ran some errands.   By 8PM – 3 hours after my body screamed for a nap, my head felt like it was in a vise … Continue reading

Letter to Editor of NY Times – 4-2-12

Dear Editor, My name is David and I am 10 days from having a kidney transplant. I am fortunate that my mother is willing and able to donate to me, so I am spared the agony of a) dialysis and b) waiting and waiting and waiting, etc. There are numerous statistics out there on kidney … Continue reading

3-31 and 4-1

I rested most of the weekend and went to bed early – so I am writing my weekend posts now.   I spent Saturday with some close friends. Two of my closest friends have kids – 1 month apart from each other. Matt has Meghan, 15 months old, and Jeff has Zoe, 14 months old. … Continue reading