4-26-12/3rd Visit to Yale/Good News

Today’s visit was a relief. My creatnine is actually down to 1.8 from 1.9. They would have been happy if it was the same, but it dropped. That is a great sign. It seems to point to the Prograf as the culprit for why it rose in the first place, but now the dose is stable and therefore so is the creatnine. Thank goodness.


They also mentioned something about the protein in my urine being good. The disease I have (FSGS) can attack the new kidney and often protein in the urine is a sign of that (as well as creatnine and other indicators).


So, knock on wood, things are going in the right direction.


I also had my drain taken out today. That means all that is left in me are the staples on the incision. Those come out in a week or so and the stent attaching the new kidney to the bladder comes out in two weeks.


The drain coming out was uncomfortable, but not painful. I feel much better now that it is out.

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