Last night I had a terrible migraine. It didn’t respond to my migraine medicine for some time. That’s very unusual. Because it didn’t I was afraid it was a medication reaction and called Yale. I hate to call the 24 hour hotline and be a bother, but I was concerned that it didn’t respond to the migraine medicine and that it might be something more serious.


The doctor reassured me that when they say headaches from the medication, they mean headaches. I could barely talk I was in so much pain. I made an appointment with my neurologist for next week to follow up.


On a good note, there was a dramatic drop in pain at the incision site from yesterday to today. I would say it’s the  biggest single day drop I have had since the surgery. I am optimistic that when everything heals in a few months, I will feel like a new man.


Tomorrow I go back to Yale for bloodwork and to have my drain removed. Will write tomorrow.

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