4-23-12/Second Visit to Yale

I had my second visit to Yale today post transplant.

Things went okay. Everything seems to be healing nicely, however, there are a few concerns.

My creatnine is up to 1.9. Usually, 2.0 is the threshold where they start to worry, and they want it under 1.8. In the hospital it had been 1.5-1.6. They say you never get back to that low because one of the medicines they put you on to help your body accept the organ (anti-rejection medicine) can also raise the creatnine some. The hope is since they have continued raising the dose of that medicine, it is finally saturated in my system and they can either reduce the medicine and the creatnine will drop. Or, I will have a slightly higher baseline. The main concern is the trend upwards. They did an ultrasound today and that looked okay from a blood flow to the kidney perspective, which is good.

They said the first 3 months would be nerve-racking and that there would be ups and downs. They were not concerned enough to keep me at the hospital and sent me home. However, they are going to call later to advise and when I got back Thursday for more bloodwork and to visit, we will know more.

I will update after the call this afternoon.



I spoke to Yale this afternoon and the medication in question, Prograf, was indeed high. That should, operative word is should, explain the higher creatnine.


At the moment, they did not change my dose, but we will re-evaluate on Thursday.


In the meantime, I am relieved.

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