4-16-12/Going Home Tomorrow – Likely

Well, the catheter is out and that wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great, and I wouldn’t sign up for a daily catheter, but I survived.


I then peed, so no more catheters for at least a few weeks when they need to take the stent out of my kidney. I’ll deal witht that another day.


Everyone has been really supportive and many have visted, called, etc. I also noticed that people have been reading my blog. I appreciate it.


The one thing that gets me is that I am always going to be sick and there is a foriegn object in me. I freaked out a little last night, but Maria pointed out how much better I am doing and that she is happy to have me healtheir and in her life. I guess I would do this again in a hearbeat, but I am a little freaked out about what can still happen – problems – and what they have to do either way.


I was told it’s okay to bitch a little about being poked and prodded and uncomfortable. I feel bad about it. I feel so blessed and don’t want to take advantage or have a bad attitude. However, this whole things does kind of suck. At 32, not my idea of a good time.


Overall, I am feeling much better. I am sore and tired, but not sick for the first time in a long time.


The doctor’s came in today and reiterated that I need to be careful – indefinately – in public, etc. No peak hour trains, no crazy hours at work, etc. I need to be careful forever, and that is still scary. However, a small price to pay.


However, the doctor said, “I am not a man in the bubble.”

One Response to “4-16-12/Going Home Tomorrow – Likely”
  1. Daniela Butennandt says:

    David, I am so proud of you how well you seem to be deeling with this’! Unfortunately I am too far away to visit but I am thinking about constantly. Keep going and hang in there! Can’t wait to talk to you!
    Your babysitter from Germany

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