4-9-12/Pre-Surgery Appointment at Yale

Today I spent the day at Yale New Haven Hospital. I met my surgeon and team.


Everyone has been so nonchalant about the surgery and been talking about how routine it is. After talking with my surgeon today, I am a little confused.


It sounds like I will be having MAJOR SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me for being a little freaked out, but I wasn’t expecting talk of catheters, stents, and drainage tubes. Call me naive, but today things really hit me.


My biggest concern going in was being catheterized – I know – it’s not terrible, but that’s what I was fixated on. First of all, I don’t have to worry about that because they will knock me out first. However, the catheter stays in until I leave the hospital – ugh. And, in case that wasn’t fun enough, 2 months later – they stick a scope up me to remove the stent they put in the kidney during surgery.


The surgeon told me not to worry about the catheter – that it was not a big deal – and that “it’s not what I should be worried about.” Okay, then what should I be worried about? I think I can deal with pain – it’s the weird uncomfortable stuff that freaks me out.


We did all have a good laugh though. The surgeon came in to see me and my wife and I noticed a nick on his chin from shaving – a decent blood clot had formed. I said, “I hope you are better at kidney transplant surgery than you are at shaving!” At least that broke the ice.


Anyway, I am kind of upset right now and anxious about the surgery. I will write more in the coming days.

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