Been a few days since I wrote. I have been running around getting pre-surgery items taken care of.


Finished some loose ends at work, picking up my living will today, and got dental clearance.


The past few days have been okay health wise, all things considering.


Yesterday was my Grandfather’s 93rd birthday. How ironic. He’s 93 – and doing great – and I am 32 and having transplant surgery. My father, rest his soul, has been in the ground for almost 7 years now.


I guess this is where perspective is key. I feel blessed. I am very close to my Grandfather and he has been instrumental in mentoring me in my career. I am lucky he is alive and still part of my life. Besides, of all my close relatives, he is the best suited to handle me going through the transplant. He’s a real tough SOB who lived through the depression, WWII, etc. This whole situation would have killed my other grandparents.


It is starting to hit me that I am going to be cut open and operated on. It’s a little strange. The thing that gets me the most though, is the idea that it’s 2012 and I am going to have major surgery that makes me feel better, but doesn’t fix the problem! Well, that’s not entirely fair. It fixes the broken kidneys, but creates new problems – limited immune system, the risk of my body attacking itself, etc.


That freaks me out. I have to go through all this and I am still sick for the rest of my life. UGH!

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