Letter to Editor of NY Times – 4-2-12

Dear Editor,

My name is David and I am 10 days from having a kidney transplant. I am fortunate that my mother is willing and able to donate to me, so I am spared the agony of a) dialysis and b) waiting and waiting and waiting, etc.
There are numerous statistics out there on kidney donation, and you cite the most glaring – over 90K people are waiting for kidneys. In today’s day and age, that is totally absurd.  The greatest country in the world has citizens dyeing daily because we don’t have enough organs?
I see two problems that can easily be addressed. First, as sighted in the article “Experts Recommend Single Registry to Oversee Kidney Transplant Donations,” awareness, or should I say, lack there of. Knowing what I know now, I would happily donate a kidney, certainly to a loved one, if I was able. The recovery is quick and I would literally be saving a life. Further, if I ever had kidney problems, I would go to number one on the list and not have to wait for a kidney. The second issue boggles my mind. In the United States, you have to opt in to being an organ donor. In many other countries, you have to opt out. In other words, we have a disgustingly low cadaver donation rate as well. That goes back to education, but also, it’s an inherently flawed system.
Information is limited on both fronts – on donation as well as on what the experience of transplantation is like. To try to address at least the latter, I have started a blog about my experience in kidney failure and post-transplant. It is going to chronicle 3 weeks prior to at least 3 months after transplantation. I am encouraging people to share their stories with mine so it can become a resource for future transplant recipients. I had chosen not to publicize my blog, but this article has inspired me. Please feel free to check out and contribute to http://www.mykidneytransplantstory.com. One of my blog sections encourages people to become donors. I am hoping that if people take the time to read the blog and see what I, and others, go through, it will inspire them as well.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep the awareness coming!
Connecticut, USA
One Response to “Letter to Editor of NY Times – 4-2-12”
  1. jason says:

    I wish you best of luck. I am glad you are sharing your experience to help other people.
    Best of Luck. Be well.
    Your friend,
    Jason W

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