3-31 and 4-1

I rested most of the weekend and went to bed early – so I am writing my weekend posts now.


I spent Saturday with some close friends. Two of my closest friends have kids – 1 month apart from each other. Matt has Meghan, 15 months old, and Jeff has Zoe, 14 months old. Jeff lives about 6 hours from us so we don’t see him much. He does a good job of staying in touch and it’s always like we saw him yesterday when we do see him. He’s that type of friend. Matt is too, but usually, we saw him or talked with him yesterday anyway.


The kids were great – so different – but equally fantastic. When the visit was over, I had mixed feelings. First, it was a great distraction (giggling with them, giving airplanes, etc). Second, it’s nice to know how many people care for me. I will admit that it’s hard to be the center of attention though. I gave a toast to the “next generation of the gang,” and Matt gave a toast to my health. I preferred the first.


The other thing was I pray that those two kids never know what it is like to go through what I am going through. I can only hope that a) they live long and healthy lives (obviously), but b) that transplantation is viewed as primitive, invasive, and is unnecessary, sooner than later. I appreciate the opportunity, but also recognize that it is not an ideal treatment.


I know I have written a lot about how my perspective is better because of kidney disease, and part of who I am today is because of kidney disease, etc. However, that’s not to say I wouldn’t have reached those conclusions without kidney disease. It definitely accelerated the process, but it would be nice not to be 10 days from transplant as well.



One Response to “3-31 and 4-1”
  1. Alicia says:

    rest. meditate. relax. one-day-at-a-time and know that this too shall pass. you are amazingly strong and have come through so much and have much more support than ever before!!!
    All the best – Alicia

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