4-26-12/3rd Visit to Yale/Good News

Today’s visit was a relief. My creatnine is actually down to 1.8 from 1.9. They would have been happy if it was the same, but it dropped. That is a great sign. It seems to point to the Prograf as the culprit for why it rose in the first place, but now the dose is … Continue reading


Last night I had a terrible migraine. It didn’t respond to my migraine medicine for some time. That’s very unusual. Because it didn’t I was afraid it was a medication reaction and called Yale. I hate to call the 24 hour hotline and be a bother, but I was concerned that it didn’t respond to … Continue reading

4-23-12/Second Visit to Yale

I had my second visit to Yale today post transplant. Things went okay. Everything seems to be healing nicely, however, there are a few concerns. My creatnine is up to 1.9. Usually, 2.0 is the threshold where they start to worry, and they want it under 1.8. In the hospital it had been 1.5-1.6. They … Continue reading

4-21-12/Surprisingly Still In Pain

I am really shocked that 9 days removed from surgery – my whole right abdomen is still very sore/painful. It helps to move around as that seems to stretch things out and keep them more loose. However, I still feel like I got hit by a train! It’s weird, because aside from that, I feel … Continue reading


My mother came over yesterday and she got to see me for the first time since the day after the surgery (when she went home).   She cried. She said I looked amazing. She was a little shocked when I showed her my massive incision site. Apparently, she has a small (maybe 2 inch) incision … Continue reading

4-19-12/New Pages and First Post-Transplant Yale Visit

I have added new pages to the blog: Two open letters – one to YNHH and one to my mother. I have also added a page about post transplant feelings. Please check them out.   The first post transplant visit went well today. My creatnine is 1.7, but that said that’s normal since they raised … Continue reading


I am home. The dogs were great – they seem to understand I am not 100%, to say the least. I met with the social worker this morning and discussed how I feel. I guess I am ambivalent. I feel so glad that I am through this and had this opportunity. However, I am ┬ástill … Continue reading

4-16-12/Going Home Tomorrow – Likely

Well, the catheter is out and that wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great, and I wouldn’t sign up for a daily catheter, but I survived.   I then peed, so no more catheters for at least a few weeks when they need to take the stent out of my kidney. I’ll deal witht that another day. … Continue reading


I had a rough night last night. The medicine caused horrible indigestion and I couldn’t sleep, eat, or rest. I slept most of Saturday and the staff got on top of the reflux. I went to the bathroom for the first time in 4 days today – the anestesia and painkillers can make you constipated. … Continue reading

4-13-12/The Day After

Kidney surgery was better, and worse, than I thought it would be. First, the bad news. Narcotics suck, as do incinsions and pain. However, everything went really well considering. The kidney started working immediately – there can up to a several day delay. My creatnine had dropped from 5 to about 3 by this morning, … Continue reading