Another day of sleeping and having stomach pain. The best way to describe the stomach discomfort/pain is to equate it to sea sickness. It feels like my stomach is tied in a knot and is often accompanied by lightheadedness and/or dizziness when it gets really bad. My wife (Maria) got me ginger tablets and I am taking those 2X a day. They seem  to help a little.


Despite all this – I was able to finish a major project for work. It took me significantly longer than I would have liked – months vs. a week or two – but I finally finished it today. It has to do with something I plan to work on after transplant and it turned out well. It’s nice to know I can go into surgery feeling optimistic about work instead of having many questions unanswered.


It’s been really hard to balance taking care of myself and getting the rest I need with my intellectual needs. I want to work. I enjoy work. I have a family to support. Being a driven person makes being sick even harder.

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